What is Cube?

Are you looking for a modern, still classical looking comfortable garden shelter, practical garden kitchen or grill-house, for an airy dinning room and shelter from sun or wind? Your new Cube will provide all of this.

What are advantages of the Cube?

  • Easy to purchase and transport
  • You can design your own sliding-wall
  • A friend, screwdriver, plumb-bob and a few hours is all what you need for assembling
  • Garden shelter can be re-assembled and moved to another place
  • No construction permits or licenses needed


You can design the new Cube to fit your needs and desires. Sliding-wall can be decorated with different prints or photos creating a unique-looking building. With help from a friend it takes only a few hours to erect the Cube.

You can add extra

  • Glass sliding-doors on the facade allow to attain a fully closed building
  • Specially for the Cube designed kitchen corner
  • Lighting on a special ceiling bar


You can erect the Cube in your home or summerhouse garden, on seaside, by a lake or river, or wherever you wish to see it. You don’t need any construction permits or licenses.

Technical data

  • Two different sizes: 2950x2950 and 2950x4200
  • Weight respectively 350kg and 450kg
  • Materials: glued beams, boards, plywood, PVC, aluminum profiles, glass