Just pick a base model of your liking, and tailor it according to your needs. Factory-built house will be assembled on-site and connected to the existing utility networks. You can choose either fully decorated version or decide to do it yourself. It will be easy to expand and redesign your home in the future.
You may add new modules to your house and choose among a variety of details that fit perfectly together. Within only a few weeks, a wide sea view may be replaced with a new sauna or a living room.

Just put your fantasy to a test. There are no other limits.

Turnkey house installation
Pier foundation and installation
Glued laminated wood frame
Heat insulated walls, floors and ceilings
Insulated glass doors and windows
Premium exterior oil finish
Tasteful interior finish
Fully equipped with sanitary fittings and a boiler
Home alarm system ready to be activated
Heating system of your choice
Control the heating via internet or text messages